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Driving is the most high risk activity that most employees undertake. Fatalities and injury in work related road incidents account for the highest number of incident rates than all other workplace incidents combined. Regular driver assessment and coaching saves lives as well as fleet operating costs.

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Core Services

Drive Alive is focused on providing a range of services that can be tailor made to suit your organisations needs and budget, however large or small.

Driver Risk Management

Driver Risk e-Assessment

Crash Investigation Skid Pan Experience

Case Studies
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Some tangible examples and endorsements that safe driving substantially reduces fleet running costs.

Case Studies


Drive Alive provides an invaluable Driver Risk Management Programme to employees who drive business miles; whether in a company vehicle or private car.

Providing National coverage Drive Alive has successfully proven to reduce the overall fleet running costs, whilst complying with the 'Duty of Care' when driving for company business legislation.

Proven Key Benefits

  • Up to 60% Reduction in road collisions
  • Up to 40% savings through fleet wear and tear
  • Up to 12% better fuel economy
  • Effectively identify and improve driver risk
  • Comply with the 'duty of care' legislation

Key Features

  • Police Class 1 advanced driving assessors
  • International coverage
  • Forensic collision reconstruction, incident investigation and audit support
  • On road and online assessment options
  • Tailored programmes to suit driver needs and budget
  • Corporate skid prevention & control training
  • ISO 9001 Quality Standard

A large number of driver categories are covered within our assessment programmes from motorcycles and cars to buses and heavy goods vehicles.

Invest in your company car drivers today and find out why thousands of other businesses are doing exactly the same.

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