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The Driver Risk Management Audit  assists both the Client and the Service Provider in the task of identifying and collating existing data and systems in order to prepare the Driver Audit Document.


This Audit document identifies:

The Senior Director (Manager) with the overall responsibility for Fleet Risk

The ‘middle’ manager / supervisor with everyday implementation of all processes and prodedures.

The existing Fleet size and its makeup, vehicle types and Grey Fleet

All support systems and data related to Drivers and the Vehicles

Recommendations related to the fleet risk in order to ensure safety and Legal Compliance

Any new Protocols that are needed to move forward

Ensures access to the information by all relevant managers

This document remains ‘LIVE’ and should be updated as and when there are changes identified. It also demonstrates to any Authority (HSE, Police, Legal Institutes) that the Company identifies its legal responsibilities and has the necessary Protocols in place.

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