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How to disfuse road rage

The term 'Road Rage' covers many forms of verbal abuse and threats as well as criminal damage and physical violence. Many in

incidents of road rage are caused by dangerous or careless driving. If you come across an angry driver a mouthed apology or raised open hand gesture could help the situation from escalating even if you were not to blame. Should the road rage incident continue here are some tips to staying safe:

  • It is recommended to avoid eye contact.

  • If you are being tailgated avoid any sudden braking or change in direction.

  • If you are being followed, it is best to drive to a well populated area. A good choice would be a petrol garage where CCTV is usually in place.

  • Should the other driver shout abuse avoid retaliating as this could make matters worse.

  • If the angry driver gets out of the car, don't be tempted to unwind your window or unlock your car.

Following a road rage incident you may feel a number of emotions including anger or anxiety, which could impact on your driving skill. You may want to consider stopping in a safe place until such emotions pass.

For further advice on Road Rage please contact our specialist team on 01379 651044 or email

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Road Rage

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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
Apr 30

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